4AM Forever is a moonlit endless skater game. String together tricks to build big combos and nab a high score! Grind on rails, jump on cones, and watch out for the holes 'n birds.

Spacebar or Click = Kick flip jump
        -Tap to perform standard kickflip
        -Hold for a big jump with hang time
        -Hold > Release for a fast-fall STOMP
Esc = Pause

This is the first game by brothers Luke and Clay Williams.
Thanks for playing! We hope you enjoy :)

Post your high scores below!


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Its a fun and great game and all, but its not exactly a Game Boy Game, just in the style of one, i'm saying this because it wouldn't work on an original Game Boy or associated hardware because you would need to click with a mouse and not a button, but good job!


Is fun, GG !